PEOPLE of Shibuya is a fashion brand born in 2014 with the aim of satisfying the needs of those who lead a dynamic life, characterized by frequent international travel and travel. We understand the importance of always being ready for any destination, from the office to international metropolises, and the different weather conditions that may be encountered along the way.

We are dedicated to creating collections that last through the seasons thanks to the innovative design of our garments. In addition to being highly functional, they are known for the vibrancy of the colors used, which reflect the energy and vitality of the wearer. We put personal comfort and well-being first, and this is reflected in every creation we make. Each garment is the result of intense technological research, attention to design and commitment to the highest quality.

Our values:
- Technology: We use the latest technical innovations to ensure our products are at the cutting edge of performance and functionality.
- Design: Our contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic is designed to adapt to any environment, maintaining a distinctive style.
- Comfort: We are committed to creating clothing that makes the wearer feel comfortable, wherever they are.
- Quality: Our attention to detail and use of high-quality materials are evident in every garment we make.

PEOPLE of Shibuya's main goal is to create timeless products that are perfect for travel and meeting the challenges of the world's various climates. We want our garments to be passed down from generation to generation, becoming part of the family history. Our fashion is designed to last over time, guaranteeing excellence that is reflected in quality, design and comfort.