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Men's S/S 19

Discover last People of Shibuya functional elegance collection.

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MIURA fab.PM666 001
MIURA fab.PM666 001
MIURA fab.PM666 001

MIURA fab.PM666 001

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People of Shibuya is proud to announce the partnership with the Italian top sport brand Lotto. "MIURA" is the perfect iconic urban sneaker.

MIURA - People of Shibuya Spring/Summer 2019 collection.

Bring functionality to life
People of Shibuya
People of Shibuya
People of Shibuya



The first jacket designed by collective neuro-science.

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Relaxed mood

We developed People of Shibuya garments in order to ensure the maximum confort to our consumers being on a relaxed day-off or on a business mission.

Water repellent

All our production guarantee perfect water-proof characteristics.

Golden standard

People of Shibuya applies an aggressive commercial strategy in order to transfer the best price/quality standard to the markets.

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