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15 November 2019 H 24:00 (CET)


The first jacket designed by collective neuro-science only online in limited edition.

1 model usable in 10 variants getting you covered 4 seasons a year.

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Kintsugi TOKYO PM861 col.799 TASHIRO PM891 col.799 SHOWA PM891 col.999 SAMPEJ PM888 col.799

Brand new

Men's FW19/20

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Relaxed mood

We developed People of Shibuya garments in order to ensure the maximum confort to our consumers being on a relaxed day-off or on a business mission.

Water repellent

All our production guarantee perfect water-proof characteristics.

Golden Standard

People of Shibuya applies an aggressive commercial strategy in order to transfer the best price/quality standard to the markets.

AKEMI PM888 col.007 TICA PM833 col.002 TEMPURA PM835 col.230 SAKI PM888 col.280 RURI PW1077 col.930

Brand new

Women's FW19/20 collection

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